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Association for animal protection NOA - Banja Luka is a member of WVS Wroldwide Veterinary Service UK, and is partner in work, for welfare of animals, in the region and also an active participant in forming the ethical values that are required for bringing up the quality law for animal protection and welfare in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

We are not happy with existing conditions in the area of animal protection, the fact that better laws regarding animal protection exist in many African countries that did follow up the European Standards of animal protection.

This region,  as of  establishment of the association for animal protection NOA, is on a road to, through active assistance to society it belongs to,  become a member of the world process and accept world standards for animal protection. For such highly set goals we need better law platform for work and acting. The proposed law for animal protection and welfare in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not even close to what is really needed for preventing efficiently what is traditionally bad behavior to animals.

This form of law proposal is of low quality for starting basis and does not deserve further work on. The proposal must be in accord with the laws of countries in our surrounding regarding both quality and extent. It should not protect interests of some lobby that creates monopole in section of protection of natural rights.  Humanization of society in all countries is primarily done through relationship towards animals and nature. Do we want to make this area more humane after all the devastation that war left?


It depends on quality of the proposed law. That is why we expect active and responsible approach of all structures in RS and BIH, so that with work on the animal protection law, all the known humane methods  and directions are accepted and applied.  It implies application of all humane standards,that are in use and regarding protection of animals, that are well known in EU and USA. Also, we expect assistance from the world organizations for  animal protection and  welfare and their legal institutions to follow and control process of law legislation on the world level.

We  don't support idea that Dr. Karoline Schollermeyer, counselor of TWINNING project is used as guarantee of quality of the proposed law. We protect authority of Dr.KSch.

Also, in the same document, the positive opinion of RSPCA about the proposed proposal is stressed, it has to be yet confirmed, having in mind very bad proposal of animal protection law in B&H. Having in mind its humanizing role, that is important for further humanization of relationships and for inter-personal relationships.

Our activities in future will be followed up  through membership status of WSPA London. This significant step forward from traditionally bad attitude towards nature and its living part requires support of wider community. Community that, so far, has not had representatives when it comes to animal protection in form of civil initiative. So far, it was only formal approach that resulted in a number of wrong, even bad decisions and laws that had character of intervention and not embedded permanent solutions.

In the course of years, problems in this segment  have escalated to such level that we need  as soon as possible, to legislate,  the completely new  laws and forms of behavior towards animals and it requires permanent education on all educational levels. At the same time, we need to fully tune in laws about animal protection with EU standards. We beg all world humane organizations that in their work support our mission. Pointing on needs for change of attitude towards animals. Especially, by means of, legislation when it comes to area of animal protection and with goal to humanize area that passed through war devastation partly due to lack of respect of ethical codex in terms of attitude towards environment. Association NOA makes statement that this important moment can change general image of community, if there is a will for making accord with EU standards. Hence we ask all governments of countries that have their monitoring missions in Bosnia, to adopt our plan of humanization of B&H and by working on legislation of the animal protection laws. We hope that our friends from many countries will undertake measures in the mentioned direction and start positive movement or changes in Bosnia.


The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.

If this is true then what is our moral progress ?  NOA Banjaluka invites all those that feel injustice done to animals that have been created by the same creator as us ,  to publicly stand and defend animals from cruel mutilation and killing that happens every day. We must hope for Universal Declaration of Animal Rights will be accepted everywhere on the world level.NOA has signed the petition and we hope that this declaration will be accepted in our country soon.



Dragomir  Mijic





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